What Does it Take to Be a Chef?

It goes without saying that to be a chef you first have to love food. Being a chef revolves around preparing and cooking food every day. There are different types of chefs and they are classified according to what they cook, how they prepare their food or where they are stationed in the kitchen. The different types of chefs can include: chef de partie, range chef, sauté chef, fish chef, roast chef, pantry chef and pastry chef. A chef’s job also includes the need for leadership qualities that will help them motivate and inspire their kitchen staff, in order to produce the best quality cuisines.

shutterstock_509044483Learn how to be a chef

To become a qualified chef you will need to undergo a lot of training and work experience. There are many excellent culinary schools that can help with this, so visit sites such as SchoolApply to get further information. When it comes to gaining experience, most people training to be chefs will work in many different positions, in order to learn from more experienced chefs. There are also many sponsored programmes that allow people to train with chefs in great restaurants. These mentorship programmes are mostly sponsored by culinary institutes and normally last for a minimum duration of two years.

Reuirements of being a chef

Becoming an outstanding chef will require you to know far more than just about food. You will need to learn about the working of the Kitchen, the utensils used and how to handle knives for cutting and chopping. Being a chef also requires extremely high levels of organisation and time management skills. You will need to be able to manage and motivate a large team every single day, even if you are not feeling up to it. Another set of skills vital to a chef is business, administration and accounting skills, allowing you to control costs and run a profitable restaurant.