How to Involve your Kids with the Housework

If you are dealing with toddlers then getting them involved in housework is always a problem. Where the problem comes in is getting the little hands out of the way so you can progress with your own work. When you really want to start capitalizing on the extra hands to make housework light is when the kids are a little bit older.tumblr_nt8cwuhono1r57o71o1_1280

You may want to begin by setting up some house rules when it comes to keeping different rooms of the house clean, and making this their basic responsibility. Of course, it is going to start with their own bedroom. By teaching them from a young age that this is their space and they are responsible for keeping it clean, it will help to set some great guidelines for keeping their homes clean when they get older.

Ideally, to get the kids involved in housework, you really want to focus on making this a fun activity. Just assigning tasks to them and leaving them to go through it is not much of an incentive. However, making a game out of it and perhaps creating it as a challenge or contest will help to spur some enthusiasm, especially if there is more than one child involved. By giving them equal tasks to do and seeing who can complete it first in an appropriate manner will create a bit of a competitive spirit.

Housework should be included as part of the allowance earning program as this serves a few purposes. It teaches the children that they must work in order to earn money and at the same time, it provides a useful service to you as an individual who is responsible for keeping the house clean. When everyone has a certain amount of tasks to do inside the home, it means that only one individual is not burdened with all the household chores.

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