A Breath of Fresh Air

Oxygen is the most important thing for you to stay alive. A healthy brain and cells require a steady supply of fresh air. Apart from making you happier, fresh air cleanses your lungs and strengthens your immune system.

One sure way to ensure you have unlimited access to fresh air is having an air filter. An air filter captures dust fumes, soldering fumes, solvent odors and dust from sanding or mixing. Inhaling gasoline exposed air can harm your lungs. Fresh air is also images-2good for your blood pressure and heart rate as well as gives you more energy and a sharper mind.

A convenient air filter can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It can also be installed on a table top. Exposure to toxic substances will hurt your health.

Toxic substances in the air can lead to cancer, which may be diagnosed later. Other effects of exposure to toxic substances are vomiting or worse, death. Breathing toxic gases can irritate the nose, lungs and air passages. Air filters clean the air you breathe. They are particularly important for children. They need fresh air to improve their eyesight and decrease hyperactivity.

Lack of fresh air in children may cause future illnesses. The younger children may pick dust particles and eat them, risking their health and life in general. Chronic exposure to toxic-filled air over months or years can have long-term health effects.

Dust or dirt may carry some toxic substances that may be hidden in carpets and furniture, making it hard to reach using other cleaning methods. Homeowners in areas that are close to mines or very busy roads are particularly more vulnerable.

Air filters are only a preventive measure that you can take to ensure you and your children are not exposed to health risks, whether immediate or in future.